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Pen & Paintbrush

Lovitt’s collection: Daily Basis is divided by the four seasons, followed by poems from the male perspective and poems from Asia. 

Does this book have a happy ending? Spoiler Alert: it has a cheerful ending, one that transcends happy or sad…

Price: $16.00

Oy. The big big challenges. Cancer, illness, doctors, tests, treatments, ceaseless caregiving…. death and widower-ship…

Is it possible to steer through (and stay sane!) the medical maze, the radiation treatments, the flapping open in the back examining gowns, the worried friends, the want to be helpful but don’t know how to be – family members?

This book is a poetic map and artistic checklist for other couples or individuals who find themselves traversing any similarly perilous journey. It is a compassionate chaperon for caregivers. Need a map? Need a flashlight? That is what Fischer and Lovitt offer you in their unusual collaboration of poetry and art, this advice-free and happyface-free tool chest.

from this math of misery:

…watching my wife
walk down that dull-green carpeted hallway
stepping bit by bit
towards the radiation treatment room

open towards the back
her loosely tied hospital gown
flaps slightly unfastened –
underneath the thin cotton wrapping
her innocent skin weeps-
burnt, crimson, blistered

she walks unevenly|
– the pain meds kicking in…

from tongue:

…but the point is that when one of you dies
(no matter if it is by car accident,
in a crush of falling material objects
or by cancer – whatever)
then the language that you had created together now has
only one speaker
and no one who can listen

not to compare to more immense tragedies,
but one thinks of the indigenous languages
that over time wither and are plowed under by the
efficient immense metal plow of the standard language
or of refugees who stop using their own native tongue
like my grandparents
who solemnly learned how to round their vowels
and inflect
the way the folks
in their new world of circumstances did…