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a real son of the beats...

Daily Basis

Lovitt’s collection: Daily Basis is divided by the four seasons, followed by poems from the male perspective and poems from Asia. 

Fulbright Scholar/Haiku Master, Patrica Donegean (Bone Poems, Earthquake Flowers, Without Warning) has this to say about his work:

“Robert Lovitt’s poems in Daily Basis show many poetic influences, but the Imagist-haiku thread is strong – like the clarity of a first flash thought of a sunflower when we really see it – and yet it seems so ordinary. Lovitt’s poems have a style of co-emerged simplicity and depth, as in his poems about green tomatoes, arthritic hands, cracks of clouds, Mt. Emei, the weight of moonlight, a swooping crow and footsteps… a depth that could be overlooked, a depth that bears reading again and again, to share and expand these everyday moments of being present in our daily lives.”

In this poetry collection, Lovitt presents snapshots of his life organized (or disorganized) by the seasons, a section of boy/man poems as well as some glittering souvenirs from his travel in Asia. Travel with him down the narrow tracks of Amtrak south-
Travel with him down the narrow tracks of Amtrak south-

for choice seats
and overhead luggage space
we scramble – shamelessly

Linger with him in the backyard-

admiring the straight sapling
on old man
leans on his shovel

Will he get the girl?

listening for her footsteps
morning comes to my bed

Called many things, including a son of the beats, Lovitt’s poetry is infused with humor and insight, and perhaps – just the right dose of compassion…