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Looking to get your Wordsworth?

Robert Lovitt studied poetry at Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics – where he apprenticed with poet Allen Ginsberg. His poems have been published in over 35 magazines including The Christian Science Monitor, The Shambhala Sun, The Plaza (Japan) and the Jewish Frontier.

His books are published by First Thought Press (

What are folks saying about his writing!?

I don’t read novels or poetry or frankly, anything that doesn’t contain a reference to me, but I hear, from many people, good people, that Lovitt’s writing is horrible, the worst. So don’t order it; don’t read it!!!! And remember, I and I alone can save you. D. Trumpe

Though his writing doesn’t directly support the arms industry, and in fact on some levels, is actually disarming, I still am recommending it to all of my long- time friends and colleagues who have helped sustain me through these many years of public service. H. Clintone

A mensch, the real deal, completely non-meshuginah. Can’t get enough of his revolutionary work. Remember – hard working poets must be subsidized and a minimum per-word rate standard set! B.Sanderse

….chock full of many hot, and inconvenient truths! A.Goree

….though I may not pronounce it properly, now that I am retired and have time to read, I am particularly enjoying his new clear poetry…. G. Bushe

A wonderful book, much more enlightening than the other 10,000 or so books I have written forwards for. But, of course, my endorsement is impermanent. His Holiness D. Lamae

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Daily Basis

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Who Stands at the Temple Gates?

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Pen & Paintbrush

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